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FIU Interior Architecture Graduate Students Present Final Projects at MiamiShared

MiamiShared served as the ideal venue on Tuesday for Florida International University graduate students as they presented their final projects for their workplace design class.

Before their peers and a panel of interior designers, who served as jurors, the 15 interior architecture FIU students showed elaborate floor plans and site plans of spaces they hoped to convince were not only beautiful, modern, but extremely functional as well.

The objective was to seek and design what they thought was “the work place of the future”.

On April 16, 2013, 15 Interior Architecture graduate students from FIU presented their final projects on co working spaces at MiamiShared.

“The new trend of the workplace is that you can work anywhere,” said Professor Yaprak Markeset, who lead the project and teaches the class at FIU.

She said co working spaces are becoming more flexible, and professionals are working more intertwined.

“You are going to see cafes with people working on laptops in the space,” she said. “Employers are letting (employees) work at different times.”

One student, Alejandra Saul, mentioned how her emphasis in topography played an important role in her presentation, which featured a diagram of a co working space heavily detailed with large, uncovered windows surrounded by nature.

Some students kept their spaces all one level — similar to a loft or warehouse style. Those with less to no walls were for more open and inviting spaces.

Others created ceiling grid systems and spacial systems similar to the MiamiShared headquarters, with private individual spaces and shared workstations.

Those who envisioned more trendy or cosmopolitan spaces, showed designs with concierge service and bars ideal for after-work hours.

Others students created designs with various forms of texture and bright color to spark creativity.

“The idea of using textile structures was the main content,” Markeset said.

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