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Miami Digital Arts Brings Together Local Artists and Programmers for Game Design and App Development

Many of South Florida’s best and brightest professional graphic artists, coders, and game development enthusiasts gathered at MiamiShared on April 9th for the inaugural meeting of Miami Digital Arts.

Their goal was to bring together artists and programmers in order to make great things happen, and the introductory meeting successfully laid the groundwork for future projects and numerous ambitious collaborations.

Founded and coordinated by industry veteran Martin Knapp, Miami Digital Arts is dedicated to promoting and teaching all aspects of game design and app development, from conceptualization to computer animation.

Miami Digital Arts founder Martin Knapp addresses the tech savvy crowd in attendance.

Knapp himself has previously worked at one of the world’s largest 3D software companies and taught classes at major game and film studios. His knowledge and enthusiasm served as the conduit that brought together other professionals wishing to work together to build new games and mobile applications.

Miami traditionally is not known for it’s tech industry the way other parts of the country are,” said Knapp, “but that doesn’t mean there aren’t talented tech minded people living here. The purpose of this group is to bring those people together so we can collaborate on projects and learn from each other.”

Miami Digital Arts members were buzzing about after each person shared their history and expertise, eagerly discussing how those skills could be put to use in the creation of exciting new apps. Aspects of game design from advanced model rendering and environmental mapping to audio engineering and marketing were accounted for, making the prospect of creating a fun and successful app that much more possible.

Even those without extensive technical knowledge were and are welcome to join Miami Digital Arts as the group “is as much about teaching others as it is about professionals working together,” welcomed words for those just entering the field.

Communication and collaboration are key to the continued success of Miami Digital Arts, as inspiration can come from anywhere.

For more information on MiamiShared, email [email protected] or call us at 305-929-8688.

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