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MiamiShared Hosts Successful BuddyCamp/World Camp Event!

By: Azia Forrest-Taylor

About 60 beginner and advanced WordPress enthusiasts joined MiamiShared Friday, April 5, for an informative and fun-filled event –  BuddyCamp / WordCamp Miami 2013!

WordPress enthusiasts join MiamiShared for BuddyCamp/WordCamp April 5, 2013

The all-day workshop was filled with presentations by experts on all things WordPress.

WordPress is popular web software used by individuals of all tech levels to create websites and blogs.

Zac Gordon, a web educator and blogger who gave an overview of the WordPress administration area, walked the audience through the entire process, step by step, of navigating within the personal publishing platform.

Attendees enthusiastically took notes, some even clicking through WordPress.org, as he introduced many of them to website terminology.

For example “Super Admin” is the creator of a specific WordPress site and the person who has access to everything on it.

There’s also Gravatar, a globally recognized avatar or photo that appears beside a the name of the person commenting/blogging on a specific site.

Gordon also spoke on various recommended settings, including privacy settings, within WordPress. These settings allow the site’s creator to choose what they want their site viewers/subscribers to see.

Site creators can also get notification when a visitor posts a comment on the site. Although this can at times be overwhelming, he said, there are perks to this feature. As an administrator, you can then approve, delete and even edit comments if you wish.

Zac Gordon, a web educator and blogger, gives presentation during MiamiShared's BuddyCamp/WorldCamp April 5, 2013

Diana Espino, a writer, software developer, and true lover of all things WordPress, gave a seminar on creating content within WordPress.

She mentioned one of the most common dilemmas for new users is understanding the difference between posts and pages.

“When you think of posts, think of them as being date driven,”she said. “WordPress lists (posts) in descending order,” she said. “Knowing what a post can do allows you to be able to think, ‘This is what I’m going to do with my content.'”

In contrast, pages are not date driven, she said.

“Pages you organize into subcategory,” she said. “This is very powerful for SEO purposes.”

For the more experienced WordPress users, Myke Bates, a South Florida web developer, led a discussion on troubleshooting and customizing on WordPress.

Bates gave tips on choosing structure templates and stressed the importance of mastering HTML/CSS  with WordPress.

“When you learn HTML and CSS, you are well on your way,” he said.

For more information on events hosted by MiamiShared, email [email protected] or call us at 305-929-8688.

MiamiShared hosts BuddyCamp/WordCamp April 5, 2013

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