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Tricks and Treats at MiamiShared

We’re not all work here at MiamiShared; there’s also plenty of play involved, especially when Halloween rolls around. Yes, it was a veritable fright fest at suite 501 this past All Hallows’ Eve, with cobweb-adorned paintings, giant bugs sharing the hallways with our members, and a glowing fountain cascading with punch (or was it blood? Either way it was delicious). […]

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MasterMinds2020 Share Their Knowledge at MiamiShared

By now you should know that MiamiShared’s the place to be if you’re looking for great speakers dispensing valuable lessons towards success, or workshops keeping you on top of the latest industry trends. Last week we were treated to a visit by MasterMind2020, a company focused on developing entrepreneurs’ and business owners’ skills through networking and performance coaching. Led by […]

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Girl Develop It Workshops at MiamiShared

Ladies, we know that the tech community is mostly male-dominated, but that shouldn’t discourage you from pursuing your aspirations to make it big in the computer science world. In fact, we want to help shake things up and get more of the fairer gender’s brilliant minds out into the field. To do that, we’ve partnered up with Girl Develop It […]

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MiamiShared Among the Nation’s Best Coworking Spaces for Entrepreneurs!

Good news, everyone! MiamiShared has been featured in YFS Magazine: Young, Fabulous & Self-Employed‘s list of The Nation’s 15 Best Coworking Spaces for Entrepreneurs! They searched high and low to discover some of the most creative coworking spaces across the nation. As a MiamiShared member, it looks like you’ve definitely made the right choice! Among the features highlighted were our […]

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Meet MiamiShared Member: Xquisite Luxury Concierge

Once again we’d like to introduce you to yet another outstanding MiamiShared member, Moustapha Faye. He has created a concierge agency for the elite which he calls Xquisite Luxury, and is one of our members who have been apart of the MiamiShared family since we opened the doors a couple years ago. Moustapha has shared some intimate details about his […]

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7 Reasons Why Coworking is the Best

At this point you may have become quite familiar with the term coworking. Since now you know what it is, here is a list to help you make your decision about working in a coworking space Warning Reading the following may lead to you leaving your current not so desirable office and find the nearest cowork space near you. 1. Networking At MiamiShared, […]

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Top Apps

Since we are always sharing with our loyal readers, the latest in technology, helpful workplace tips, and gadget news, today we have decided to compile a list of apps that the MiamiShared team swears by. Leandro Papasidero, Systems Administrator Favorite Tech Apps: Cydia Installous IP Cam Viewer Favorite Music App: Pandora Favorite Communication App: Gmail App Lync Evernotes Dropbox Laura […]

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