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Girl Develop It Workshops at MiamiShared

Ladies, we know that the tech community is mostly male-dominated, but that shouldn’t discourage you from pursuing your aspirations to make it big in the computer science world. In fact, we want to help shake things up and get more of the fairer gender’s brilliant minds out into the field. To do that, we’ve partnered up with Girl Develop It […]

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Miami Digital Arts Brings Together Local Artists and Programmers for Game Design and App Development

Many of South Florida’s best and brightest professional graphic artists, coders, and game development enthusiasts gathered at MiamiShared on April 9th for the inaugural meeting of Miami Digital Arts. Their goal was to bring together artists and programmers in order to make great things happen, and the introductory meeting successfully laid the groundwork for future projects and numerous ambitious collaborations. […]

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Tech Talk Thursdays #8: Spoiled Milk, Password Breaches, and E3 Awesomeness!

Hey all! Time for another Tech Talk Thursday – late night edition! Check out all the best headlines culled from around the net and here for your tech-lovin’ readin’ pleasure! Enjoy! Funky milk got you down? This might just be the solution : Smart jug detects bad milk, sends users a text (via Mashable) Did your LinkedIn account get broken […]

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Tech Talk Thursday #7 – Smart city labs, robot fish, and a human on Mars!

Tech Talk Thursdays is at it again! Here’s what you’ve missed in between your hackathons and Diablo III… The solution to social networking with your colleagues (sans the embarrassing pictures from your last Cinco de Mayo party…) : Data mining your desktop (via Mashable) How the mighty have fallen? Or are they just rectifying past transgressions? You decide. : Kazaa […]

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Tech Talk Thursdays

We know a lot of you MiamiShared readers are die-hard tech fans just like us, so we thought it might be fun to start up a little weekly segment called Tech Talk Thursdays. On TTT days, we’ll be bringing you the latest tech news headlines and other bits of random tech-y goodness. Sometimes a video, maybe a few tech event […]

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