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How Coworkers are Staying on Top of their Game

Many admit that some aspects about coworking and freelancing are less concrete than actually punching your time card in an office, yet they still feel secure. This is because of the diverse array of clients and skills they have to offer.  But, as the world and its technology advances, these freelancers are realizing more and more how important it is […]

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Niche Coworking Spaces: Creative and Unique

The first “coworking” space, Spiral Muse, was created as a way to beat the loneliness of working at home alone or in a coffee shop, but still maintain your independence. Ever since then, coworking spaces have added their own twist and personality to their individual models. Some are niche and target specific “types” of freelancers such as writers, architects, artists, […]

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Guest Post from Startup Cafe

Check out this post from the Startup Cafe if you are in the brainstorming phase of your startup! “Take a look at the companies that you admire, now stop admiring them and start thinking about how you can destroy them.” http://thestartupcafe.com/what-are-you-going-to-do-better/#comments

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Another Successful Startup Forum Event!

Alex De Carvalho , Co-Founder of  The Startup forum, went over topics from creating a social media plan that supports your business plan, to recruiting talent using social media. All in all the session was informative and interesting, with plenty of great attendees! Check it out for yourself,  http://bit.ly/onkAoN

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Networking Mixer at the ChopHouse

MiamiShared would like to thank UM Launch Pad, Incubate Miami and the Chophouse restaurant for a very successful Networking Mixer this passed Friday. So many new friends and connections were made and much steam and stress of the work week was released. What a great way to meet other creative tech entrepreneurs. Great food, a signature cocktail and a cool […]

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Unemployed? Found a Startup!

The venture into the entrepreneurial pursuit is often clouded with fear, and pessimistic ambiguity. While, it can be easy to fall into the vortex of self doubt, its really all about you and how badly you want it. Everyone has the capability to learn and create. There is also our natural desire to create. Many of us have amazing ideas […]

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Networking Mixer

MiamiShared is teaming up with Incubate Miami and UM Launch Pad to bring you a Networking Mixer this Friday at the Chophouse! We’ll have a complimentary *signature* cocktail waiting for you at their awesome Patio Bar, so don’t miss it! Event details and RSVP here: http://networkingmixer1.eventbrite.com

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Celebrate with us today, the evolution of the “traditional” workspace. Work is gradually becoming something we do rather than somewhere we go. With more and more employers realizing the benefits and savings involved in giving employees the option to work from home, employees themselves have also had a revelation: working alone kind of sucks. Freelancers and entrepreneurs miss their coworkers, […]

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Google Technology User Group

Google Technology User Groups (GTUGs) are meet up groups for people who are interested in Google’s developer technology. This includes Android and App Engine platforms, Product APIs like the YouTube API and the Google Calendar API and Initiatives like OpenSocial. A GTUG gathering can take many forms. From a group of 10 to a brigade of 100 each get together […]

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Incubate Miami Accepting Applications!

If you are an entrepreneur in Miami and haven’t heard of Incubate Miami, then this is the post for you! Incubate Miami is a group that focuses on supporting local entrepreneurs in the science and technology fields. Incubate, creates Fall and Winter programs with an open application process . The top ten startups that are selected, are supported through multiple […]

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