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Meet MiamiShared Member: Xquisite Luxury Concierge

Once again we’d like to introduce you to yet another outstanding MiamiShared member, Moustapha Faye. He has created a concierge agency for the elite which he calls Xquisite Luxury, and is one of our members who have been apart of the MiamiShared family since we opened the doors a couple years ago. Moustapha has shared some intimate details about his […]

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A Fun Infographic about Brainstorming!

Taken from Deskwanted

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7 Reasons Why Coworking is the Best

At this point you may have become quite familiar with the term coworking. Since now you know what it is, here is a list to help you make your decision about working in a coworking space Warning Reading the following may lead to you leaving your current not so desirable office and find the nearest cowork space near you. 1. Networking At MiamiShared, […]

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Top Apps

Since we are always sharing with our loyal readers, the latest in technology, helpful workplace tips, and gadget news, today we have decided to compile a list of apps that the MiamiShared team swears by. Leandro Papasidero, Systems Administrator Favorite Tech Apps: Cydia Installous IP Cam Viewer Favorite Music App: Pandora Favorite Communication App: Gmail App Lync Evernotes Dropbox Laura […]

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A Guide to Having a Bullet-Proof Monday

After a pleasant relaxing weekend away from your the busy workplace, waking up on Monday morning can be extremely difficult. No need to fret! We’ve come up with helpful ways to keep those Monday blues at bay! Here’s a guide to a smoother approach that will be sure to get you started off right for the work week. Everyone should […]

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Tips on Staying Focused When at Work

“Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.” -Paula  Coehlo Is it me or is staying focused when at the work desk sometimes a battle? While our main objective from the second we enter the office […]

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Tech Talk Thursdays #8: Spoiled Milk, Password Breaches, and E3 Awesomeness!

Hey all! Time for another Tech Talk Thursday – late night edition! Check out all the best headlines culled from around the net and here for your tech-lovin’ readin’ pleasure! Enjoy! Funky milk got you down? This might just be the solution : Smart jug detects bad milk, sends users a text (via Mashable) Did your LinkedIn account get broken […]

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Tech Talk Thursday #7 – Smart city labs, robot fish, and a human on Mars!

Tech Talk Thursdays is at it again! Here’s what you’ve missed in between your hackathons and Diablo III… The solution to social networking with your colleagues (sans the embarrassing pictures from your last Cinco de Mayo party…) : Data mining your desktop (via Mashable) How the mighty have fallen? Or are they just rectifying past transgressions? You decide. : Kazaa […]

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Tech Talk Thursday #6

Hey all! If you’ve been wondering what you might’ve been missing this week in tech, fret not. As always, we’ve got you covered. Simply a must for every office, home, basement-turned-bar, bar-turned-second-home, etc. Presenting….: KegDroig Android serves beer with a Google+ login (via Mashable) Twitter meets your television with this handy new service, making your TV watching experience much more […]

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MiamiShared Sponsors the International Space Apps Challenge

It’s no secret that MiamiShared loves our ever-growing tech community here in Miami; and so when David Lagomasino approached us regarding sponsoring the International Space Apps Challenge, we simply couldn’t resist. The International Space Apps Challenge is a 2-day codeathon-style event during which individuals throughout the world (and even in space – we’ll get to that in a sec) will […]

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