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Building Entrance

Building Entrance

MiamiShared has noticed there has been slight confusion in finding where the right place to park is in order to access our offices and private events. Not to worry, we are here to help! Just follow these simple directions and you will find us in no time at all.

Private Parking Entrance

To access the private parking entrance, you must locate the sign that reads Private Event Parking. This sign is situated on the left side of the street (NE 2nd Ave) directly behind our building. The gate to the valet will appear to be closed. Drive your vehicle very close to the front of the gate. There are sensors on the ground which will detect your car and open the gate. Keep in mind that there is only one valet on duty. If he is retrieving a car from the outside lot, the gate will not open until he has returned. So please be patient. Once he has returned, the gate will open and you will be able to valet your car. The process of the gate opening can take up to three minutes. But don't worry! You are in the right place.

Building Entrance Doors (Valet Side)

Once you have entered the valet area, please pull up to the front of the lot towards the glass double doors. The valet will then take your keys and valet your car. The valet will also unlock the double doors giving you access to the first floor lobby straight ahead and to the left. Note: If you are staying in the building passed 7PM, you may pick up your keys at the front desk on your way out. The valet leaves at 7PM. If you are attending an event however, the valet does stay later and will gladly give you your keys in the valet area.

Front Desk

Once inside the lobby, approach the front desk and let them know you will be going to the fifth floor office (Office 5th floor to MiamiShared). Please note that there is also a residential side to this building that has a residence with the unit number 503. Please stress that you will be going to
Office 5th floor. They will then give you access to our elevators.


To make MiamiShared easier to locate, we will have placed signs with arrows. The arrow will point down the corridor that will lead you to our office elevators.

Private Elevators

Enter either elevator and press level five. The front desk will have activated the elevator for you. In the event that the elevator is not activated, please return to the front desk and let the attendant know that it has not been activated.

You made it!! MiamiShared Entrance

MiamiShared occupies the entire fifth floor of the offices. The white double doors will be open and the receptionists will greet you with a smile and direct you towards your meet up, event or gladly give you a tour of our space. In the event that the doors are not open, please knock or ring the door bell on your right. The MiamiShared receptionists will gladly buzz you in.

Contact Information

990 Biscayne Blvd.
Office 5th floor
Miami, FL 33132
(305) 929-8688
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