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Philippe Benichou

“Owner of a small but growing consulting firm, I was thrilled to find out about MiamiShared. They are offering exactly what I needed :  affordable and scalable office structure, light and beautiful workspace, secured building and convenient access.I am often traveling out of Florida for work. However whenever I am in Miami, I need to be as productive as possible. MiamiShared was able to offer all the services of a top tier business center together with a part-time office space.  I now have the ability to manage my budget and upgrade my office package as it makes business sense. But most of all, MiamiShared  stands out for its ability to understand the needs of entrepreneurs. No heavy procedures, networking opportunities, friendly yet very professional staff ; everything you could hope for !”

Wendy Reyes
"Where should I locate my business? That was one of the questions that went over, and over my head before I came to As an entrepreneur in the entertainment business, I knew that I had to find the "Perfect Location" that could fit all my needs. Fortunately, I found! When I first came to visit MiamiShared, I was impressed! I did not even have to think twice about choosing it. I remember I said: "This is it!" MiamiShared is the perfect complement for my business because It gives me everything that I was looking for. An affordable price at a top location, a beautiful, modern and well equipped office, an educated, and well prepared crew that understands, and respond to your needs on time, and of course a great environment that let you work and relax at the same time. What else do you need? is the perfect fit for my business, and the key to my success! Thanks!"
Jack Echterling
"The offices at MiamiShared fulfill the 3 most important needs our business has in an office. MiamiShared has a prestigous address downtown, a convenient location to get to meetings and friendly people to work with and around. The best part is, they are constantly improving the spaces and services!"
John Peter Mahoney
"I never realized how quickly Miamishared would increase my productivity, create additional synergies & not limit any of my creative flow ! This decision to expand out of my Home office was solely based on finding a location that I felt could match the luxuries and compatibility of the home office, and expand my presence in the community & Miamishared turn out to be just my style! The staff has truly created a space where community comes first; the residents are an additional bonus to why this Co-working space is the spot to be in the Miami creative arena. We all know networking can become a job in itself & collaborating can play a key role in the success and growth of any small business . Having access to companies & hosting/attending events that can expand my thoughts and ideas, creates an atmosphere of genuine connections. Also the non-business events like "Bagel Mondays" and "Fiesta Fridays." Those are pretty cool too!"
Sebastian Rusk
" ROCKS! Perfect location, great office culture and a great opportunity to take your business to the next level! We love it here!"
Gabriel Aguirre
"MiamiShared offers the opportunity to have a very professional environment as a work place, the flexibility to use the resources according to your real needs, maintaining always the cost and expenses within budget. Additionally, it is a very friendly environment and its professional staff is always working and delivering according to our expectations. It has been not only a good choice from a business point of view but also a very enjoyable experience."
C. Payne
"MiamiShared has been a tremendous refresher for our web and graphic design business.  When we decided to switch office spaces, MiamiShared was very accommodating of our needs and flexible with the leasing arrangements. The staff is friendly, there are great amenities, and it's in the heart of downtown Miami! There's also a bevy of young, talented entrepreneurs and professionals working in the space. The diversity of businesses and industries keeps us informed and engaged. Thus far, we've had all positive experiences!"
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Ingrid Mejia
Social Butterfly Foundation
"As a non profit organization, Miami Shared was a great solution for us that allowed us to reduce our overhead costs (a cost that many grants do not cover) and enabled us to allocate more our financial resources to our mission in fostering cultural arts awareness in our youth. We are just thrilled to be part of the innovative office environment and feel that it is a wonderful brand alignment. The office space is just perfect for our foundation; full of positive energy, creative vibes and friendly staff"
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Hendrik M.K. Van Leesten
"My experience at Miamishared has been remarkable. I knew that I made the right decision to obtain space at Miamishared once I made my initial phone call and staff informed me of the process and office environment. The location is centrally located and is walking distance to a many great places to eat and socialize. "
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Manny Ferrero
" has helped take FAS (Florida Adult Softball) to the next level. Since most of our operations and events take place ALL over Florida, has provided us with a place to call "HOME". The superb design and feel of the space make it a pleasure to "come-in" to work. The creative and cool people/companies that work there, help you meet new people and develop new connections with leading companies in various industries. And who can forget "Bagel Mondays" & "Pizza Fridays".... where brings in Bagels & Pizza for EVERYONE to enjoy. The ONLY BAD thing about, is that we didn't think of it first! ;) All the best of luck to you guys and we wish you much success in the future."
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Joseph Tole
" is a great place to start my business. It affords me the luxuries of being in a nice, new, clean, and very modern work environment without having to invest in the expenses of setting up all of these perks for my own business which, can be hard to do when you first start your business. Not only is the office environment very nice but the people are great too. I have met lots of great people who also share this space with me. I think is well worth checking out if you would like to be in a clean, state of the art office designed for small companies at an affordable price. "
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Moustapha Faye
Managing Director
"MiamiShared is truly a front-runner in smart office solutions for Miami. As an owner of a luxury personal concierge brand, I needed a combination of visibility, flexibility, great office culture, and the fact that my clients can actually see where I work , created a deeper sense of trust. Three years into my business, our vendor and client list is growing rapidly and I couldn't rely on my home office any longer. MiamiShared offered us the solution to that problem and I can now interview prospective clients and conduct meetings with teammates prior to a project. The conference room in my mind is one of the coolest things in this office. Just book it when you need it and you "on your way". Two days into this new experience, I immediately realized the intellectual talent that was working around me. The place is packed with bright professionals and you can ask all the questions you want for healthy dialogue. Among other things, private elevators, 24 hour security, and plushness of the building have been great. Meeting your clients in south beach or on Lincoln Road or in your loft apartment is no longer acceptable, to me. If you want your clients to take you seriously, start with this: Location. Location. Location"
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Ronald Ricardo
Events where you travel, events where you live
"Really great people here with very positive attitudes. I was somewhat wary regarding the noise related to a shared work environment but everyone is very respectful and I have never been bothered at all. AND, the biggest plus for me was that the building is right next to the Metro Mover's Omni Loop! Great feature for anyone living in Brickell/Downtown area or close to the Metrorail. is a start-up event marketing company. At the stage that we are in, any other office arrangement would be out of the question. This is a GREAT compromise between working in Starbucks and having a place where you can actually get your mail and have a decent conference with potential clients/investors."
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Padma Pandya
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"MiamiShared has been the perfect solution for our start-up needs. We needed something downtown with enough space for our employees and equipment, but weren't in a position to rent a large space by ourselves. MiamiShared gave us the flexibility we needed to get off the ground. The space is very bright, airy, and many of our office neighbors are young entrepreneurs just like us. It's been an easy going, refreshing environment, with a sleek professional touch. The spacious conference room, private elevators, 24 hour security, and plushness of the building have been great for meeting clients. A perfect solution for entrepreneurs in Miami.."
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Gottfried Chatfield
Affordable Office Space, Shared offices, coworking, miami downtown office space
"I've been working at since its commencement. When I first walked into the offices, I was immediately impressed with the vibe. The combination of work space, community and educational opportunities has offered me insight, resources, concrete suggestions, enthusiasm, new colleagues and friends. It's always energizing to make new connections and to see things from a different point of view. I know I can count on for that. I look forward to seeing become a creative and business hub in Miami."

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